Navratri Chaniya Choli

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Aside from weddings, Chaniya Cholis are majorly worn during the festival of Navratri where the celebration is incomplete without doing the classic dance i.e. Garba & Dandiya Ras AND doing Garba without wearing a Chaniya Choli is NOT NAVRATRI AT ALL!

If you travel to West India, Gujarat - You’ll come across a range of vibrant & colourful Gujarati Chaniya Cholis / Kutchi Ghagra Cholis & even Lehenga Cholis. Gujarati Chaniya Cholis lean heavily on mirror-work and Silk Chaniya cholis are very famous with Black, Maroon, Yellow & Red being the staple colours!

Chaniya Choli also is 1 outfit which goes with every occasion. You can wear it to weddings, parties, festive celebrations etc. The only thing to consider during these occasions is the colour combination & preferred embroidery.

At Deepkala Silk, you can choose from wide-range of Chaniya Choli varieties depending on your personal sense-of-style and the occasion. From multi-layered Ghagras with embroidered waistlines, to a plain Ghagra with mellow colours, you can find diverse designs and exclusive styles. Now you get floral printed chaniya cholis, Gamthi embroidered chaniya cholis, etc.

Match your old Choli with a vibrant new Ghagra or Vica-Versa at DeepkalaSilk! We have a collection of full-sleeve, half-sleeve Cholis in matching and contrasting colours. You can choose one with a heavy design  & patterns in sequins, lace, rich stones etc., or one with a minimalistic design & flare.

Our outfits are accompanied with plain and shaded Dupattas to enhance the beauty of the Chaniya Choli. We use appealing and high quality fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette etc., to make an alluring dress for you.

At, we are able to make happy customers all over the world with experience in fashion industry and leading changes in Global Trends. We have a wide variety of collections with different colours, material, patterns and cuts from which you can shop from this festive season. Enjoy the HASSLE-FREE shopping experience @DeepkalaSilk and get your wonderful dresses delivered to your doorstep.

Navratri Chaniya Choli

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