Customise Size

You will always have the option to take your unstitched or semi-stitched garments to your personal tailor but the advantages of choosing to do so in-house are:

  • Customizations are our speciality. We know what is trending, what works and what doesn’t, what cut suits your body shape best and what styling is most flattering. Trust in our experience and expertise here!

  • Get your garments fitted perfectly to your size, without ever stepping out of your own home or spending extra on your tailor’s labour costs.

  • Freedom to consider the cost-of-customization into your budget when you are selecting an outfit or deciding on a garment from our collections online.

  • Please tick the checkbox before "Customise" tab if you wish to customise your outfits. The money will automatically add to the product price. Once you place an order, you will get the measurement form email.