Did you know, you can transform your look dramatically with a simple change  in the way you drape your dupatta. You can carry your dupatta in myriad of ways and create ethnic, modern and stylish looks with that one suit. Here are 7 unique ways to inspire your drape style the next time. 

7 Ways to Drape Your Dupatta in Style

1. This one’s a trending style. To get this look, sling your dupatta over your right shoulder, as shown in the image and secure with a pin. Put your shoulders back, take the longer end of the dupatta from behind and hold it with your left hand in style. You are sure to look regal. 

Drape Your Dupatta

2. You can also try the same above style by wrapping one end on your wrist. This works better with a soft material such as silk, chiffon, and satin and you can remain fuss-free.

duppta style

3. Want to cover your head for any traditional occasion? Look iconic by bringing the dupatta over your head and placing it close to your hairline using hair pins. Make sure to leave both the ends loose and viola! Simple yet very stylishly ethnic. 

Drape Your Dupatta with style

4. Why not do something innovative with your dupatta? Get your dupatta stitched to the jacket & create a new look. It will look absolutely gorgeous. 

Drape Your Dupatta with unique style

5. Is posing for photos a frightening endeavour because you always look the same? Try this! Arrange your dupatta neat and place it nicely on your left hand. Although, you need to be a little conscious about the way you handle the dupatta, it can be the best choice for a new look. 

 Drape Your Dupatta Style

6. Most people like to be free of their dupattas and remain fuss-free. In such cases  you can always neatly wrap the dupatta around your neck. Make sure the works on the dupatta is showcased. Beautiful and easy! 

Drape Your Dupatta in Style

7. If wrapping dupatta around your neck is not exactly what you want, why not give it a twist? This style is perfect especially when there's a motif around the dupatta that you want to show off.

Do share with us favourite dupatta draping style!  You can also check out more ethnic and stylish dupattas in our photo gallery