The garment of choice for Indian women since centuries, the humble Saree has slowly evolved into becoming a powerful statement of Indian sensuality and femininity. There are more than 100 different ways to drape a Saree, both traditional and modern. We bring to you a few of the most popular saree draping styles:

Butterfly Saree Style

Bollywood celeb styles have never failed to influence the fashion world. The Butterfly Saree style is also popularly known as the "Bollywood Saree Draping Style". In this style the pallu is pleated very thin and the border shows clearly as it drapes around the waist.

butterfly saree style

Mermaid Saree Style

Mermaid Saree style looks graceful for every body shape. Draping this style does not require much efforts as there are no pleats at the waist. Half and half or double toned designer sarees with embellished borders and pallu is ideal for this saree draping style. This style makes you look slimmer with the diagonal pallu and fitted look.

mermaid saree style

Lehenga Style

This is a modern style where two elegant Indian outfits are combined, the Saree and the Lehenga. Lehenga style saree is a form of ready-made saree that is trendy, artistic yet easy to wear party attire. Unlike a saree, this style doesn't have pleats but is simply 'tucked and draped'.

lehenga style

Mumtaz Style

Bollywood beauty Mumtaz’s retro saree draping style in the song "Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke...", from the superhit film Bramhachari was so amazing that it became a draping style on its own. The style involves draping the saree tightly around the lower body several times, so that it perfectly highlights your figure in the best way possible.

mumtaz style saree

Bengali Saree Style

The traditional Bengali saree is worn pleat less. The pallu is wrapped around twice and often a bunch of keys is used to weigh the pallu down to complete this elegant and modest look. Cotton, handloom and brocade sarees are a perfect fit for this classic look.

bengali saree style

Gujarati Saree Style

Daily soaps have made the Gujarati style of draping a Saree the most popular regional saree draping style in India. The heavily embellished pallu comes over the right shoulder in the form of pleats and the left end of the pallu is tucked in at the back or left hanging in the front, baring the midriff and giving it a modern look.

gujarati saree style

Kerala Saree Style

This style gives you a sophisticated look. This classic attire has two parts –. ‘Neriyathum’, the upper part that is draped over the blouse and ‘Mundu’, the lower one draped around the body and tucked behind. A classic white Saree with a broad Zari or Golden Border is best suited for this style.

kerala saree style

Maharashtrian Saree Style

Typically known as Nauvari Saree, this 9 yard Saree is draped in a style that is very unique and different from other draping styles. The long length saree is draped in a pant-like style that wraps around each leg and forms a dhoti of sorts. One can simply wear short leggings rather than a petticoat underneath the saree. Temple jewellery specially the Nath (nose ring), green bangles, and fresh jasmine flowers are perfect accessories to complete the look.

maharashtrian saree style

These are the exclusive styles that can help you differentiate yourself and create an indelible impact on the fashion scene.