Holi Celebrate

The festival of colours is right around the corner and so is Swine Flu. A weird mixture wherein on one hand you want to celebrate this festival of colours with your friends and family whereas on the other hand, you have the virus looming large in the city which forces you to undo what you want to.

festival of colours

Now that’s a dilemma for each and every person who enjoys the festival of Holi as you cannot play Holi by yourself now can you? Without friends, neighbors, unknown people, random uncles and aunties throwing colour at you and drenching you in mud water, ruining your white salwaar kameez, the idea of playing Holi is incomplete.

The whole idea of celebrating Holi is wearing white salwaar kameez, white dupatta’s or even a sparkling white saree, going out with your friends and family enjoying throwing colour and water on each other, sipping on some thandai and gorging on delicious gujiya and bhang pakoras.

So here are a few tips you can use which will help you play your favorite festival of Holi keeping you at a safe distance from Swine Flu.

1. Contest: - Who Washes their hands after every 20 minutes to keep the germs away.

Washes their hands

2. Make everybody guess who you are, wear a mask..

wear a mask
paichan kaun

3. Child Patrolling:- Keep your children away from stray animals or stray people.

children away from animal

4. Sneezometer:- If someone is about to sneeze, sneeze even harder.

 sneeze even harder

5. And finally, when you do wish to put colour on someone, do it like this

put colour on someone

It is advised to stay “away” from a large group of people but as they say in India, “Celebrations must go on”. So this Holi, stay safe and celebrate.