It has been a known fact that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as someone had rightly said. Also, someone said that beauty is skin deep. But if that is the belief, then why do women fuss so much about choosing what to wear, how their hair needs to look, what make up to wear, what bag to carry, what jewellery they need to match with the outfit, and what not?

The answer is simple; beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is what you show the beholder to see. Beauty is not just skin deep, beauty is also your outer persona, which the clothes you wear, the make up you wear, and the accessories you carry showcase.

A woman is always under the scanner as everyone who lays eyes on her judges her. She is under a constant pressure of looking great even when from the inside she isn’t ready to do so. Why is the woman subjected to such pressure and why not a man? The answer to this question is and always will be a mystery as they say that the on the cusp of beauty was a woman standing tall.

Today, with the fashion trends changing daily, it makes the job of Indian women all the more difficult as they have to cope with being “traditional” as well as being “glamorous”. How does one achieve both is the burning question in today’s modern time.

Anarkalis, Lehengas, Women's Designer sarees, Salwar kameez Suits, all have now evolved beyond expectation and anything new is not rejected but invited with open arms. A simple example is of the dhoti pants which were never considered to be for women as they were an attire for Men,back in the early 1900’s have made a splash in the fashion industry and are now a raving trend amongst the young women of today.

Surely the burden of being beautiful and looking glamorous is too much for most of the women but they still overcome the hardest of obstacles to achieve their own greatness, when it comes to looking the best. Another feather in the cap for a woman who has already done multiple roles in her day-to-day life.