"Summer”- a word synonymous to the sun, heat, sweating and low energy all combined together. It’s the time of the year when the heat creeps into the brain making it dazed and cranky. In such situations, looking presentable and glamorous feels like a far-fetched idea. Well, it’s not that difficult as it seems. We’ll show you the "Cotton Way" to being ever-stylish and trendy this season!

Cotton is a weatherproof fabric that traps hot air into its threads and keeps the skin cool. Also, being a natural fabric it does not irritate even sensitive skin. Also, cotton is a durable fabric. When wet, it becomes 30% stronger, making it resistant to wear-and-tear and longer lasting for more number of washes.

Cotton fabric is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body. It is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin like a towel, making it the perfect fabric for the hot weather. The International Forum for Cotton Promotion states that cotton can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp.

Here are some guidelines and cool cotton styles that you can fashionably carry-off this season:

1. Cool colour palettes

Colours have a deep impact on one’s own temper. Choose your wardrobe colours carefully. Apart from white, shades of pink, green and blue tend to keep one’s mind calm in the heat. Colourful ensembles also tend to keep you more energetic and delighted. The market is flooded with soft colour palette during summers. Pick up soothing hues that raise your style quotient.

If going out in the scorching heat to hunt down the right shades for your closet seems difficult, you can book your favorite colours online! Check out cotton kurtis online or cotton tunics online with price and get the entire range on your screen!

2. Blended Fabric

India has an array of festivals and occasions to celebrate throughout the year. The month of May usually witnesses a lot of weddings. Of course wearing cotton to grand events is not feasible in most cases. While synthetic fibers can cause a lot of skin irritation during prolonged events. In such cases you can opt for cotton blends fabrics like cotton silk, pashmina cotton, cotton satin, etc. These fabrics have a certain percentage of cotton hence making them more comfortable to carry for longer hours. Also, these cotton blends fabrics can be designed into almost any style of garments making them highly versatile!

3. Off-shoulder styles

Off shoulder garments have become a wardrobe staple for fashionistas. From western wear to wedding lehengas, the off-shoulder style has invaded every category. Of course, the heat makes it more tempting to adopt this style of clothing. Check out off shoulder tunics online and off shoulder tops online to get the latest collection!

Blue Shaded Long Jute Tunic 

So beauties, summer is all about cool fashion and with the right choice of colours, styles and fabrics, you can stay high on fashion even in the scorching heat!