Fashion hacks

“Fashion in the rains?” These were sayings of the yester years. Fashion designers and fashionista’s follow and invent latest designs and fashion trends now in the rains every year! The monsoon has arrived in full swing and there are plenty of things that one can do in the rains to both enjoy it and look stylish as well.

Still left behind? Here’s the quickest solution to follow and join the fashion parade with our list of monsoon fashion tips for all.

  • To begin with, the usual confusion is what to wear during monsoon? Well wearing light fabrics on days you could get drenched is the answer to that question. Imagine wearing a pair of heavy denims or a heavy worked salwar kameez and spending hours trying to dry it and catching a cold instead. Go for something lighter and airy. Chiffons, malmals and georgettes will be life saviors in the rain. They’ll dry in minutes and you will want to get wet in the rains over and over again!

    monsoon fashion tip
  • Cut it short and enjoy the rains better! Pick out a pair of your old denims if you just can’t quit them. Cut them short into hot pants and flaunt your sexy legs while you play in the puddle of muddy water. Also, try colorful, bold printed Capris so that you can save the hassle of tidily folding your pants every time it begins to rain. You can also wear trendy jeggings over a smart chiffon kurta as both are quick drying materials and are very useful during the monsoon.

  • Change your hairstyle with the season, won’t you? Monsoon rain can make your hair turn dry and frizzy and dull. For those with dry hair, monsoon season could be a dreadful time. Simply oil just the roots of the scalp with oil and tie your hair into a chick high ponytail or fishtail braids to look your fashionable best!

  • The right footwear could make or break your image forever. Don’t be scared. Just grab bright and vibrant colorful pairs of flip-flops matching your dress. Chuck all those leather and velvet shoes and switch to the easy rubber flip-flops. They’d go with your Capris and hot pants to your casual office wear.

  • Get yourself the latest designer umbrellas that are flooding the fashion streets of Delhi and Mumbai and flaunt them around enjoying the rains. Design your own colorful umbrellas with bold motifs or portraits of Bollywood stars and make a statement for yourself!

  • Accessorize in the monsoon season with some bright neon colored waterproof bags, raincoats, boots, hats and belts. You can also accessorize yourself by wearing some trendy neon coloured pins or other such accessories.

  • Forgot to take care of your skin? Make some easy homemade packs of honey and cucumber to renew and replenish your dry, dead and haggard skin. Even better! Go for a deep cleansing and moisturizing spa.

  • Now some tips on make-up, the beauty tips to remember is- go natural but embrace bright colors. Carry makeup products that are waterproof and oil-free. Monsoon is the time for experimenting with colors. The brighter they are, the better.

  • Your gadgets need styling just as you do. The extreme humidity in the air tends to spoil your gadgets so get them nice waterproof covers and remember you keep them colorful too! Change your phone cover each day with every dress you wear and grab the attention.

    waterproof covers