Today as we are celebrating and congratulations are in order!!!


Badhai Ho Badhai!

Humare Hazaar(999+1) Din ke Baad!

Today we have chosen to look around the room

and reflect on & recall the Deepkala Family...

From our founding partners to those members

whose lives drew them far, far away from us.

We want to acknowledge & give credit to the dedicated, hard-working, loyal and intelligent women, who are the backbone of our online portal!

Yes, these 8 women handle everything! Including-But-Not-Limited-To, Merchandising, Database Management, Design & Production, Content Marketing, Technological Assistance, Photo Editing & SEO!


  1. Pinky Shah
  2. Mentor, Motivator & Role-Model
  3. She runs her own brand,
  4. She is our savant,
  5. As she moulds & guides us
  6. She is our 2nd boss!
  1. Anushri Yajnik
  2. As Smart as can Be, but Beware her Fragility
  3. She’s studied I.T Engineering & Numbers are her middle-name,
  4. She filled with enthusiasm, patience & wisdom
  5. Even when she’s teaching,
  6. She’ll make you laugh along like it’s a game!
  1. Bira Shah
  2. Cool-as-a-Cucumber but her angry voice will make you shudder!
  3. As the saying goes,
  4. Still-waters-run-deep
  5. And it’s true cause our Team Leader
  6. Holds the power to make us leap!
  1. Devna Thaker
  2. Always rock-steady & she’ll absorb all your negativity!
  3. Shout, scream or snap
  4. At this lovely lady,
  5. And she’ll listen to you carefully
  6. And charm all the anger out immediately!
  1. Namrata Patel
  2. Smiling & Friendly, this designer oozes creativity!
  3. A soft, feminine & steady presence
  4. Her warm & dreamy vibes will envelop you
  5. She’s quick to admit her struggles
  6. And offer help when you're in trouble!
  1. Jalpa Jani
  2. JJ knows what she wants and goes for it, full-On!
  3. Like a jungle cat, stalking it’s prey
  4. She’s determined, talented and guaranteed to have her way,
  5. She will do whatever it takes, to get the job done
  6. JJ is all about - Design and Determination!
  1. Tushnaa Ginwala
  2. Words & Visuals are her Bread-&-Butter!
  3. She paints vivid pictures with her words
  4. She sings along with songs she loves
  5. She thinks-out-loud when she writes her blogs
  6. She gets poetic talking about her passion for dogs!
  1. Bhoomi Parikh
  2. The baby of our family, She’s always working away quietly!
  3. She not just a photo editor,
  4. She’s skilled in drawing as well
  5. Her Papa is her inspiration,
  6. And even her best friend!
  1. Today, 2nd sept we celebrate, but we do not forget,
  2. The man who brought us all together,
  3. The man who built this 2nd home-away-from-home
  4. To him & Deepkala Silk Heritage we are indebted!
  1. All the way back in 2014,
  2. was envisioned and conceived by him,
  3. A company run completely by women, Serving women
  4. & defeating global boundaries was his dream
  1. He started his career in the early 90s
  2. In his own words “From Sept`14 - May`15 we were crawling,
  3. Some days self-motivated, other days spent struggling.
  4. but one thing was for sure, our approach was positive
  5. & we wanted to learn everything!”

  1. Nilay Shah
  2. The Master of his Trade & our Eccentric Leader
  3. An avid reader & an adventurous traveller,
  4. Our Boss commands respect and inspires fear
  5. An outgoing and gregarious soul,
  6. Socializing to him is a pleasure, not a chore!


    Lastly, we come to the next generation, the young-man-in-training, the inheritor & the only son!

  1. Maharsh Shah
  2. The future face & our Reality-Check
  3. A Lion Cub, with with a heart of Gold,
  4. He takes his time, letting you into-the-fold,
  5. But once you’ve been accepted, You’d better beware,
  6. That mischievous smile means an office prank is on the way!

    This is Our Deepkala Silk Family,

    This is our Tremendous Team,


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