Clothing has evolved at every turn of the century and for as long as anyone can remember, it is a well known fact that it is the clothes you wear that defines you as a person. But then again, not everyone can afford to wear new clothes day in and day out. Not even the celebrities of the world or the ultra rich who tower above and all and make them feel mediocre.

Everybody and I mean everybody has that one prized possession of clothing which they can never let go off no matter what. So to keep your prized possessions looking fabulous, here are a few pointers which can help you keep other clothes looking fabulous.

  1. Sorting makes it easier. Sort your clothes at the most basic level like separating the whites and the coloured clothes.

    keeping up with cleanliness
  2. Read the important words from the manufacturer. It always helps to read the washing instructions before putting your favorite clothes for washing. Some clothes are meant to be washed only with cold water whereas some are meant to be washed with warm water. In some cases, clothes just cannot be washed but need to be laundered or some need to be washed inside out. Reading makes the difference in preservation or destruction.

    washing instructions
  3. Practice Good hygiene. It may sound simple, but practicing good hygiene – such as showering daily, wearing deodorant – can help keep your clothes cleaner and in better condition. Don’t forget that sweat also causes stains. By insisting that your family members treat their clothing with cleanliness and care, you should get some extra uses out of each piece. It also pays to make sure you wear the right clothes for the right events. If you know things are going to get messy at a birthday party, don’t send your daughter wearing an expensive Anarkali dress.

    clothing cleanliness care
  4. Iron with care. When you iron, you’re using heat to loosen fabric fibers and press them flat. Unfortunately, there’s also a good chance you can end up burning or yellowing the fabric if you’re not doing it properly. Using too much heat on delicate fabrics can completely ruin them, so make sure you always use the right heat level for the type of fabric you’re ironing. Many irons have different levels for various fabrics on the heat dial, but here’s a general guide:

    • Linen: 229° C
    • Cotton: 204° C
    • Viscose/Rayon: 191° C
    • Wool: 149° C
    • Acrylic: 135° C
    • Polyester: 149° C
    • Silk: 149° C
    • Acetate: 143° C
    • Lycra: 135° C
    • Nylon: 135° F
    Iron with care
  5. Practice Good Storage Habits. Whether you have a walk-in closet or a couple of shelves, the way you store your clothes can make them last for years or, alternatively, leave them looking misshapen and damaged in just a few months. Here’s how to store your clothes to make sure they last as long as possible:

    • Button Buttons and Zip Zippers. I can’t count the number of times a wayward zipper on one garment has snagged or scratched the fabric on another while hanging in my closet. Sharp zipper teeth, studs, and even buttons can catch on clothes and result in damage, so make sure they’re fastened when you hang them in your closet.
    • Invest in Better Hangers. Sure, you can score wire hangers from your dry cleaner for free, but they’re not made for long-term storage. Wire and plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders of your garments, which mean they won’t lay nicely on your body. Consider investing in better hangers with wood or plush arms, which help garments, keep their shape.
    • Give Clothes Some Breathing Room. Even if you’re short on space, resist the urge to pack your closet full of clothes. Squishing a ton of items next to each other can result in wrinkling and fading as the fabrics are constantly mashed together. If you’re having to squish hangers and garments just to squeeze in another shirt, it may be time to look into other storage solutions. For example, a standalone armoire can help reduce some of the pressure on a bulging closet.
    • Think Cool and Dry. Excess moisture and heat can encourage mold growth – even on clothes. The mantra for your closet should be “cool and dry.” Never store clothes in a humid bathroom or moist basement closet.
    Good Storage Habits

Unfortunately, not all clothing items are meant to last forever. They’re bound to wear out, fade, and change shape after repeated use. Still, by being a little more careful in the way you clean, handle, and store your clothes, you can get months and even years of extra wear out of each piece. When you multiply those results by the number of members in your family, it adds up to big savings.