Ethnic clothing has been a key ingredient in every wardrobe across India. It truly defines your love for the country and your passion towards your tradition. An Indian woman is always the center of attraction whenever she is dressed in a traditional “Saree” as it makes her look sensuous and beautiful. The Saree, a 9 yard cloth forms an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe as it can be worn anywhere and at any given time.

Considering the western world effects on the fashion trends of the youth of today, many find it difficult to embrace the true essence of ethnic clothing. What was once considered to be everyday clothing now has become social gathering attire. The young women of today find it difficult to adjust to wear the Saree and then carrying it as they are not used to it.


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New forms of ethnic traditional styles have also come up to make things interesting for women. New ways of draping the Saree along with a fusion wear such as dhoti pants has been the new trend which has been doing rounds across the country. Many young women are now seen wearing Anarkali salwaar kameez suits which make them look elegant and allows them to opt for brighter colours and bolder designs.

Anarkali salwaar kameez suits

The idea of tradition is not to stick with the same old philosophies which have been passed down from generations. The new idea of tradition is to accept the age old philosophies and use them considering the current Indian wear trends  and styles. Rather than forcing one to follow something which makes you a fashion outcast, the youth of today opt for an alternate route which is to create a new fashion statement using ethnic and traditional roots.