A Handloom is a loom that is used to weave cloth without the use of any electricity. Hand weaving is done on pit looms or frame looms generally located in weavers' homes. Weaving is primarily the interlacing of two sets of yarn – the warp (length) and the weft (width).

National Handloom day is an occasion initiated by our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It is to be celebrated on 7th August each year so as to commemorate the 7th August 1905, Swadeshi Movement.

Handloom day is an occasion to celebrate all the hard work that goes into creating beautiful pieces of clothing & how it's not just a simple product that is made but a beauty that is weaved with hours of toil.

We celebrate independence day, republic day every year but we often forget about the important events that led to our Independence. The Swadeshi movement was a turning point in our history that encouraged the use of Indigenous products.

This National Hand loom day we urge all our lovely customers to bring back the same emotion that persisted about a century ago and feel the pride that comes along with using products made by one's own countrymen.

Let's celebrate our uniqueness again, let's celebrate the hand loom again

Deepkala has always played a very integral part towards the development of their weavers, their artisans & towards uplifting their standard of living. Maybe that is the reason why they always come up with such beautiful patterned fabric that makes the products a must have. On the occasion of National handloom Day we share some select pieces with you.

1.    Salmon & Pink Beauty

Salmon & Pink Beauty

Perfect day wear bright and peppy colored silk saree is an absolute must have. The plain fabric is complemented really nicely with tiny diamond shaped embroidery on the border and at the base of the saree decorating the pleats beautifully.

2.    Fuschia & Parrot green elegance

Fuschia & Parrot green elegance

For all the silk saree lovers this fuchsia & parrot green saree is sure to give your wardrobe a refreshing new ethnic look. The perfect weaves of the fabric is to die for.

3.    Multicolored Art

Multicolored Art

Colorful hand loom saree complemented with a plain deep red color blouse is a perfect combination to make you shine like a star.

Hand looms are not just a way to churn out beautiful fabric; it is also a way for India to fight poverty just as Swadeshi was a tool to fight for freedom.

Khadi and handloom products provide the same warmth that mother's love provides. So this National Handloom Day we urge you all to Choose Handloom & Celebrate Hand loom.