A bond between siblings cannot be defined as it is beyond love and compassion. Especially when it is between a brother and his sister, the bond becomes one that has many attributes attached with it. Between two brothers of two sisters, the relationship is more leaned towards competition and achievements. The sole reason is that if one can do it, then the other must follow suit. That is not the case when the siblings are of separate genders. 

 Moreover, when a brother is elder sibling, the sister is always treated like a child and is cared and protected for. The elder brother is someone whom she looks up to, be it for advice or for sheer pampering. Sisters are the jewels of their brother’s eyes and brothers make sure that their sisters are always cared for no matter what. 

The Hindu culture has a tradition called Rakshabandhan, the one day when the sister ties a thread on her brother’s wrist and wishes that he protects her, cares for her and gives her the best of wishes for her life. Although it is just a thread and has no significant meaning, it is a symbolic gesture that has a lot of holding in the Hindu culture. 

For centuries, this tradition of tying a RAKHI on the wrists of brothers has been carrying on that not only signifies a strong bond between a brother and his sister, but it also carries a lot of meaning considering the responsibilities a brother has to carry out. 

Rakshabandha gift ideas

Tying of the rakhi by the sister is normally followed by a token of appreciation from the brother in the form of a gift. It does not matter if the brother is elder to the sister or younger, the ceremony is complete only after the brother gives his sister a gift to remember.

Looking for ideas to surprise your sister this Rakshabandha? Here are some of the best gift ideas to spellbind your sister on this day.  

#1 Traditional Beauty

 Gift your sister this beautiful pink Anarkali suit that she can wear at any traditional or formal occasion. Pink is any girl’s favourite colour and you would definitely not disappoint your sister with this gift. 

Anarkali suit gifts for sistergift ideas for sisters


#2 Chocolate Delight

Chocolate Delight for sistersRaksha Bandhan gift

When nothing else comes to mind, Chocolates are the saviors as they are a must have in any situation. 

#3 Wrap Drape

Gift your elder sister a beautiful and elegant saree and blow her away. Choose a gift from a wide range of options in sarees such as Silk, Georgette, Chiffon and many more. 

gift for your sistersGift your elder sister

#4 Cellular Connection

A cellphone is one of the most endearing gifts of today. Technological changes allow everyone to afford an update atleast when it comes to cellphones. With many special schemes introduced by retailers during Rakshabandhan, a cellphone is a great way to surprise your sister.

Rakshabandhan gifts for sisters

There are plenty of gifts that one can give to their siblings, but at the end, it is the love and affection that you shower on your brother or sister is what matters. This Rakshabandhan, shower your love for her and make her feel proud to have a brother like you.