Who doesn't love the thought of having a wardrobe overflowing with dresses that are a perfect fit and all of your own choice? You would smile to see an amazing collection of beautiful things to wear, unique-to-you ensembles that reflect your own fashion statement. You’d leave the house looking effortlessly put-together because, well, it would be effortless.

Here's an idea to fill your wardrobe that is different, super fast and fabulously reasonable.

You need not step into a big crowded shopping mall, seeking help from hired salespersons and struggling to make  choices, only to leave empty-handed.  You wouldn’t have to sacrifice an afternoon, being stuck in traffic and then rushing through your city boutiques, trying to find something unique, when it would be much more pleasurable to catch up with a friend for brunch-time snacks or take your little ones to the amusement park. Imagine the pleasure of getting your parcel delivered at your door-step, filled with hand-picked, beautiful just-for-you clothes.

All this is made possible through our first of its kind Personal Shopping Experience service, where our style gurus are on hand to offer friendly advice and outfit suggestions with no obligation. With the help of our expertise, you get to experience personalized shopping tailored to fit your preferences. Whether it’s for that first date, an office party or a friend’s wedding or even to just update your wardrobe, you get to choose what’s best for you from handpicked fresh arrivals.

So, want to feel like a celebrity and get some undivided personal attention?

Here is what you can do to get started:

Log on to Deepkalasilk.com and book an Appointment with us to get Expert Advice on choosing the right design, style and fabric to suit your needs and budget.

  • Book your Skype Appointment
  • Check your mail and confirm it
  • Enjoy the Personalized consultation through Skype call, and
  • Order your selected products on deepkalasilk.com

We at Deepkala Silk Heritage believe in providing services that result in Happy, Satisfied Customers. Looking forward to seeing you on Skype!

Happy Shopping!