“I have enough clothes and shoes”, says no girl!

Although the wardrobe is overflowing, you close it with the thought that you just have no clothes to wear. You probably have so many clothes in your closet but you choose to wear just those select few over and over again. It’s probably time to update that wardrobe with the latest trends! Here are some easy to do fashion tips to keep your wardrobe updated.

The first step though, is getting rid of all the clutter. Free your closet of all those dresses or sarees that you haven’t worn in ages! And, then start on the below tips:


Wearing the same tee with the same denim or the same kurti with the same pair of leggings seems really boring. Mix-n-match Kurtis with different coloured palazzos and those tees with pastel colored denims for a cool, trendy look.


Think out of the box and stand out from the crowd. Turn a loose shirt into a skirt or transform your old tights into a chic top.

Use bangles to organize your dupattas and stoles:

A well organised closet makes it easy for you to find your stuff. Slide bangles onto a hanger and use that as a hanger to hang multiple dupattas, one in each bangle. This is a good trick to save wardrobe space as well as have easy access to your dupattas and stoles. 


Accessories complete your look. Styling adds grace to your outfit; even a plain white kurti, if accessorised well, can look glamorous. An elegant neckpiece or a pair of chandelier earrings can jazz up any outfit.

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