What does your Zodiac Sign say about your fashion sense? Have you ever tried styling accordingly?  Every Zodiac Sign has a definite personality. This information can help you enhance your dressing sense, select gifts for your loved ones, and stay updated with latest trends that suit you the best.


Arians are trendsetters when it comes to fashion and clothing and are adventurous by nature. They have a penchant for bold and radiant clothing and red is the best colour for their fiery disposition. A good look for the Aries woman would be a knee length skirt or black tight trousers with a well fitted shirt. Whenever dressing for a special occasion, it would be good to include the colour red, either in clothing or as an accessory.


Taurus being an Earth sign is ruled by Venus and the Taurus woman is sensuous and tactile by nature. When it comes to making a fashion statement, an emphasis on the neck, throat and upper body parts, will help gain maximum attention and appreciation. Associated accessories such as scarves, stoles, neck-pieces, shrugs etc. would complement a Taurus women’s style statement well. Pastel colours and soft fabrics like silk and gossamer work well for this sun sign.


Gemini’s vibrant and dual personality can run with all kinds of looks and styles! A Gemini woman’s eclectic persona lets her carry outfits at opposite ends of the spectrum with equal ease, be it torn jeans and a tank top or a velvet evening gown! Handbags, bracelets and rings are favourites when it comes to accessories and bright oranges, yellows and neons are the colours of choice. You would find a Gemini woman’s wardrobe brimming with clothes for every occasion, in a variety of fabrics, colours and styles.


The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and hence colours like off-white, white, cream, shades of grey and silver are favourable for this sun sign. Feminine blouses, tops, knee length skirts and light kurtis in lace and soft nets are a good choice of clothing for the Cancer woman. Pearls are a favourite and these paired with vintage looking dresses look fabulous.

LEO (JULY 23 - AUG. 22)

The Sun rules the Zodiac sign Leo and hence the colours like sunshine yellow, shades of golden and orange suit this sign the best. Leo defines a confident personality and a Leo woman’s brilliant and serene style perfectly reflects the same. The Leo woman is an intelligent dresser and she tends to stand out in her choice of clothes, in a social setting.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22)

Being an Earth sign, Virgos are attracted to earthy, solid colours such as deep forest green, brown, rust, off-white and beige, and natural fabrics like cotton, jute, linen etc. The purity and sacredness of white is of great appeal to the Virgo woman. An off-white saree with delicate hand embroidery would look fabulous on her.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 - OCT. 22)

Style comes naturally to the charming Libran. You will always find her in well-fitting, excellent and eye catching classic western or ethnic outfits. Dresses and accessories made the best gifts for Libran women. The perfect colour shades for them would be aqua, pink and yellow. Matching a light blue eye-shadow with some white or silver tones is a great way to makeover the eyes effectively.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 - NOV. 21)

Pluto rules the sign Scorpio. Eye-catching, sensual, beautiful are words that perfectly describe the Scorpio woman. Deep reds and blacks are excellent colours for her. Lacy details to outfits and embellished blouses are perfect for the naturally attractive Scorpion woman.


Sagittarians are free spirited and love to experiment with styles and latest trends and always go for the hippest cuts and colours. Deep red, majestic purples, fuchsia pinks, navy blues are much loved, and suit a Sagittarian woman the best. Form fitting outfits and short bohemian kurtas are favourites.


Silent, sincere and Sombre, the Capricorn woman is conservative and traditional in her fashion choices and prefers sticking to the tried and tested. She has a natural sense of style and grace and always looks well turned out. Capricorn women tend to love sarees and draped skirts and have a special preference for the colours black, grey and white. However, being an earth sign they also bend towards beige, fawn, tan and brown.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 - FEB. 18)

The Aquarian woman is free spirited and rebellious and has the ability to carry all kinds of styles as well as starkly opposite outfits, from ethnic sarees to skimpy noodle strap dresses! They love to go multi-coloured and fluorescent with their colour choices. Anklets, hoop earrings, dangling chandeliers, silver bangles and colourful floral chappals are a few favourite accessories.


Ruled by Neptune, the Piscean woman is dreamy and sensitive and is charming and romantic by nature. Cool, aqua colours likes blues of marine life, surf greens, soothing whites, creams and shades of greys and silvers are good colours to go for. Soft sensuous fabrics like chiffon and muslin are ideal for the Piscean woman. They have extreme love towards footwear and tend to have a closet full of shoes. They love jewellery and can sometimes go overboard with it!

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