Stepping into a new phase of life is surely an occasion that calls for a mega celebration. From singlehood to being committed for life, the journey begins with a beautiful ritual called the engagement ceremony. It gives a girl the first feeling of becoming a bride. In India, this ceremony marks the beginning of new relations forming between two families and is celebrated with a great zing in presence of family and friends.

The engagement ceremony is usually the first step towards finalizing a matrimonial alliance. For a bride, it is usually a very nervous moment. She knows she’ll be observed thoroughly by her new forming family and that adds pressure to her desire for looking her best! However, this ceremony is just the beginning of a plethora of functions that surround the wedding rituals and demand a big budget. Hence for most of the people, the engagement ceremony is a budgeted function.

For the bride, a lehenga choli set is a trending outfit for the engagement ceremony. The engagement lehenga is relatively simpler and plain as compared to bridal lehenga. Lehenga for engagement should have softer hues and moderate embroidery. Light pink, beige, soft green and aqua are trending colours for engagement lehenga sets.

All year round, the market is flooded with lehenga choli designs for engagement. These sets are available in a wide price range depending on the quality and brand. The variety that is available can drastically add to the bride’s confusion for selecting her lehenga for engagement.

Here are some budgeted designs of lehenga for engagement with a price that will give you a style-diva look on your special day without making you spend a packet:

1. Green Pink Wedding Lehenga Set

Price: 7,590/-

Soft and subtle, yet high on style, this lehenga set will beautifully highlight your blushing face.

Green Pink Wedding Lehenga Set

2. Pink Green Wedding Lehenga Set

Price: 7,590/-

Rosy delight, this outfit symbolizes the onset of blooming happiness.

Pink Green Wedding Lehenga Set

3. Dark Pink Blue And Orange Digital Printed Chaniya Choli

Price: 3,790/-

Contemporary, classy and absolute value for money!

Dark Pink Blue And Orange Digital Printed Chaniya Choli

4. Fuschia And Beige Lehenga Choli

Price: 6,990/-

Royal and elegant, beautiful and confident!

Fuschia And Beige Lehenga Choli

5. Greyish Green Lehenga Choli

Price: 6,690/-

Shimmery, soft and elegant- peaceful and stylish!

Greyish Green Lehenga Choli

There are a number of e-commerce portals offering a wide range of lehenga for engagement with a price that may look jaw-dropping, but always do a thorough check of the website before ordering your outfit. While checking out lehenga choli designs for engagement online, check out the product details, delivery time and the credibility of the site. It is safer to order products from well –known and well-reputed online stores. After all, you surely don’t want anything to bring down your level of elation!

So celebrate your special days with all zing and style!

Stay Beautiful!!