With the summer just around the corner, everybody is now wondering on what colours to wear in the blistering heat. It is a well known fact that lighter colours help keep the body cooler during the warm and bitter summer days. Below are few colours which are currently in fashion and making headlines across the world.

Poppy red

This is a seductive, sensual and celebratory shade. Whether it's a knockout dress or a lipstick, every woman's wardrobe essentials should include it. For an ultra-feminine casual look, pair trendy saree in this tone with a white chiffon blouse.

African violet

This floral statement colour brings a touch of intrigue, as purples often do, and can be incorporated into many unexpected combinations. Try pairing it with exuberant poppy red. A sleeveless anarkali in this vibrant shade will light up any evening soiree.


Trend forecasters have named this eclectic jewel tone the colour of the year. It's the go to colour as emerald looks stunning on dresses — sexy and sculpted, side-draped, sequined or lacy. Or tie your look together with an emerald green bag.


The colour linen is three shades lighter than beige and similar to blush. Try pairing it with grayed jade or dusk blue. To stand out at an important evening event, slide into a linen-coloured sleek, fluid saree in silk blouse and accessorize with a diamond bracelet and heels.

Tender shoots

Like the first signs of spring, tender shoots, a vibrant yellow-green, is invigorating, active and cheerful. To make a powerful statement, A strong recommendation of a peplum, cap sleeve cropped jacket in the shade paired with different silhouettes — a silk chiffon dress or palazzo pants.


A bright, effervescent citrus orange with coral undertones, this shade provides a tangy burst of flavour to a look. This orange suits the Indian skin tone as well. It's bright but still has a softness to it. Look for lacy blouses in this juicy tint to add colour to your wardrobe in an unexpected way.

Monaco blue

Blue tonal colours look great on almost all skin tones. Many designers have recommended that a red-and-Monaco blue nautical print A-line silk saree as the perfect summer wardrobe staple. Combine the colour with emerald for a fresh collegiate look.

Dusk blue

Dusk blue is this season's newest pastel. This serene colour works best with fluid and flowy silhouettes. If an all-blue outfit is too much for you, look for digital prints or stripes in this shade on a classic tee silhouette. For an unexpected mix, pair it with the intense nectarine.