In the wake of the recent video going viral all over the Internet, there have been a lot of mixed responses from the public in general. Some have been liberated by the video and some have been left red faced. For those who have been liberated, they are the ones who were looking for something to hold on to in their times of need, and for the ones who were left red faced, well they are the ones who still live in medieval era with caged ideologies and clinging on to forgotten customs.

Internet per say has opened up a lot of debates and has made Mr. AnuragGoswami a very busy man as there have been so many new topics where he can berate his fellow speakers whom his channel invites to speak on a particular topic but are never allowed to thanks to the loud Mr. Goswami. A few weeks ago, another such video of liberation and showing the true face of a few “Indian Men” was showcased by BBC that caused a lot of commotion and chaos amongst the holders of “Indian Culture” and “Women Empowerment”. Taking a page out of Mr. Goswami’s book, I would like to ask a question to the entire male population of the country, India wants to know, how do you see the women of this nation which has the 2nd largest population in the world? Do you see them as your equals? Or do you just see them as a “tool” to raise your children and satisfy your needs?

This is the burning question that the country is still unable to find an answer and the sole reason for such videos to come up. India is considered to be a country having the world’s largest youth population, the world’s largest manufacturing capacity and the world’s largest startup opportunities that the whole world wants to tap into. With the country growing in leaps and bounds, we still have a skewed sector of our society that holds on to something that has already run its course and needs to be discarded.

Culture as they say needs to evolve with time. Holding on to the basic ideologies that define a culture is not the correct way to live in this century as the world is now an open community with a variety of cultures becoming one. Gone are the days when cross-cultural associations of families or even business were considered a taboo. In today’s day and age, cross-cultural families and business are thriving and there is a new wave of leaving the old behind and looking forward to the new becoming the mantra for today’s generation.

Choice is personal and it needs to remain personal. One cannot make a choice for someone else as it is against his or her will and liking. It is a well-known fact and it is defined by logic as well. This is what Mr. Adjania stated in the video he made focused only on women of India. What was shocking was the other videos of Men using the same storyline as Mr. Adjania’s and coming out with silly choices showcasing male chauvinism and ignorance to what the original message stated.

It is not just about CHOICE. Women and men are two separate individuals and have their own ways of dealing with things. Nobody has the write to make choices for anyone let alone dictate them. A man or a woman has the right to choose whatever he or she wants to do in his or her lifetime. It is they who will reap what they sow and it is nobody’s business to interfere and make the choices for them.

I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfill our destiny, but our fate is sealed.
- Paulo Coelho