The wedding season is upon us! Be it your wedding or your best friend’s or a relative’s shopping for the right dress which is elegant, wows everyone, and is affordable is a difficult task. Stores like Seasons, Shane Peacock and Falung do have amazing designer wedding outfits, but they rarely fall under our budget. This wedding season, buy pocket friendly, affordable Indian wedding dresses by following these simple tips

1. Do your research

Browse through online wedding catalogues, visit your local tailor, and subscribe to wedding magazines for ideas and inspirations on the latest trends and affordable designs that suit your style. There are a lot of places and online stores which offer a collection of ethnic wedding outfits at affordable prices. For trendy, stunning collection of ceremonial Lehengas, look up Deepkala Silk.

If you are fashionable and have a few ideas in your mind, buy unstitched dress materials and bring out the creativity in you.

Indian Wedding Dress glamorous

2. Explore the niche market

Try niche localities for shopping instead of branded shops and malls. Look online for places which are exclusively famous for Indian wedding dresses. Shop for dresses in textile markets; like Ahmedabad, Chennai, etc. Such places offer you more options in terms of traditional designs with varied hand crafted embellishments, and it goes without saying that the collection will be within your budget.

Glamorous Indian Wedding

3. Embrace your tradition

Buy clothes that are more traditional and less contemporary. Traditional dresses are not only cheaper when compared to designer outfits but are also a symbol of your culture and heritage. Adding a hand-loomed traditional saree in your collection will brighten up your wardrobe. High quality hand-loomed Silk sarees are available online on various shopping sites. Go to Deepkala Silk Heritage for options on Silk Sarees with varied prints and designs.

Indian Wedding Dress glamorous

4. Remodel old clothes

Traditional Hindu weddings usually go on for days. Buying an outfit for each ceremony would definitely take a leap from your budget. You can remodel your old clothes, which you barely used as per your style. Add a few embroidery designs, few embellishments and a few more alterations to make an attractive wedding dress.

Glamorous Indian Wedding Dress

You can also use or hereditary sarees and Lehengas. Getting married in your mother’s or grandmother’s saree and jewels will add a sentimental value for your wedding dress and make it more special.

There are a lot of options ranging from Lehenga Cholis, Sarees etc., when it comes to Indian wedding dresses for women. Though most women choose to go with cultural attire, you can choose your wedding dress based on your style, comfort and fashion preferences.