Hello beauties! 2017 has just begun and the wedding season is already in full bloom! From clothes to matching jewellery, footwear and clutches, brides everywhere seem to be in a frenzy to get the best for their wedding day!

With changing times, the bridal wardrobe has seen a lot of adaptations in colour, styles and drapes. However, the basic garment has always been the same - saree or lehenga set. The Indian bridal saree has been a wardrobe staple for almost every bride in India. Indian bridal saree collection in India is the most varied of all. Ranging from fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, net and many more, bridal sarees are available in an array of fabrics.

Silk sarees give a crisp, rich and flamboyant look. The intricacies of silk weaving give unmatched shimmer to the fabric. Silk has been adapted to suit different designs and budgets and so the market is flooded with banarasi silk, crepe silk and other types of mixed silk fabric. Bridal silk sarees are generally adorned with golden shimmery flower vine borders and motifs. Bandhej silk saree is also a widely opted bridal outfit. Apart from silk, even georgette, net and chiffon bridal sarees are also very popular.

Beige Bandhej Designer Wedding Saree

The Indian bridal saree collection is available in plenty of colours. The choice of colours varies across regions and states. For example, in Gujarat certain religious groups prefer white and red colour combinations in bridal saree designs. While in the southern states of India bridal saree designs are seen in combinations with yellow and orange colours. From different states to different sections of rural and urban India, there are plenty of designs for bridal sarees available in the market as well as on e-commerce portals.

Pink Red Orange Designer Wedding Saree

There are a number of e-commerce portals having a wide range of designs for bridal sarees. However, if you’re choosing your bridal sarees online, and that too semi-stitched, then order them well in advance so that you have plenty of time to customize it. Also make sure you order your bridal sarees online from a reputed e-commerce portal. Reputed sites provide quality products and also ensure timely delivery.

Talking about 2017, while red still remains the most widely opted colour, bridal saree designs have a plethora of colour combinations like pink and green, orange and royal blue, red and mustard. Brides have started deviating from the age-old designs to a more contemporary look.  While flower vine and ethnic mango patterns still continue to be the staple baseline for embroidery on bridal saree designs, more contemporary styles have checkered patterns, striped sequins work and other fusion styles. Half and half sarees are also quite popular these days. Cutwork embroidery and heavy stone work is an essential component of a rich bridal outfit.

So all you beautiful brides, start picking up the best ones of your choice!

Stay Beautiful!!