Motherhood for a woman is the best gift that has been bestowed upon her. She is the bearer of life and true to the fact that it is she who holds the key to the next generation. Being a mother is the proudest feeling a woman can have in her entire lifespan and nobody can take it away from her.

Mother and child

Motherhood again is a choice. A woman chooses to be a mother whenever she feels it is the right time for her to be able to carry it out. This is therefore a matter of choice rather than opinions or wishes.

There are many challenges that a woman undergoes during her 9 months of pregnancy. A brand’s new initiative is something similar to what a woman feels during the pregnancy period. We at Deepkala Silk Heritage undertook a new initiative by choice and not forced opinions to go “online” with our brand and break away from traditional practices of just being a physical store to a digital store.

We built a team and adopted an aggressive marketing strategy on Social Media to reach out to our existing offline customers that enabled us to create a niche market. Although we have a strong customer base spread across 175 countries, reaching them via an offline store setup is difficult. Therefore, the idea to go online was fortified.

We faced a few hurdles when it came to understanding the online platform, especially when it came to the e-commerce area, as it was a relatively new subject for us. We were able to provide our customers an easy to use platform through which they could connect with us and shop with us with ease.

The desire to learn and understand our customers needs in order to enhance their experience of our brand by giving them a heritage touch similar to the one we are able to provide to our offline customers, we were able to reach out to a large base of customers and touch them virtually through our online store.

It was an uphill task to accomplish what we had thought would be an easy task since there was no “physical” effort required. But in the “online” world, it is all the more difficult to get customers to come and visit your store because in the online world, you are competing with not one but multiple competitors who would be offering similar products at various prices which tempt customers.

So, here lies the biggest hurdle, who is it that we need to target? Who is that we need to inform about our brand? Who is that person that would come to our online store and buy from us?

In order to reach to our customer we realized we needed to first identify who our customer is. Where is our customer from, and what does she/he want from us? After identifying these parameters, we were able to access the demographics of our customer base and were able to come up with unique ways to reach to our customer.

It is obvious that our growth as an “online” store was not met with a large audience, but we were able to create a niche in our own way and have penetrated into the market to reach out and create a base of our own.

This journey has had its ups and downs and one can say it has been a challenge that has shown us what are the efforts needed to stand in the market and create your own set of customers. We are still a new born baby and are scoping around the world of the e-commerce to learn new things and provide new opportunities.

We would like to thank our well wishers and our team whose passion and hard work has enabled us to reach this milestone with many more to come.

Deepkala Silk Heritage Team