Embroidery is a sort of craftsmanship used for beatifying outfits. It is a very important element of any garment which can enhance any outfit from the traditional wardrobe to casual wardrobe. Embroidery has that magic to express your identity. From simple to glitzy one has lot to chose.

Black and green designer saree

Below are the major types of work:-

Embroidery –

Zardosi embroidery – Zardosi is an age old technique of embroidery which was initially done by using real gold and silver wires. Nowadays it is done with gold, silver or copper metal wires. The thread is passed through these wires with the help of aari (needle) and placed on the fabric.

Zardosi embroidery

Kantha embroidery – Kantha embroidery uses subtle color that match with the base color of the saree. This type of embroidery is typical of Bengal, and is mostly done on cotton or tussar silk sarees.

Kantha embroidery

Resham thread work – Resham is a kind of silk which is being used in raw form as an untwisted thread, which are of different colours. These threads are further used to create very intricate motifs on fabric.

Resham thread work

French Knot Stitch – A knotted stitch is any embroidery technique in which the yarn or thread is knotted around itself, common knotted stitches include French knot and coral stitch.

French Knot Stitch

Kundan work – The setting of various colors of gems and stones is called kundan work. It is also used in jewellery. Red, green and white are the basic colored stones that are used in kundan work.

Kundan work

Mirror work – Small mirrors are cut in different shapes such as triangle, rectangular, round etc. These are then stuck to the saree to lend it glitter.

Mirror work

Applique work – This work is mostly done in Orissa and Rajasthan. In the Applique work, a piece of cloth is sewn over another to make various designs.

Applique work

Chickankari work – Chikankari work is popular called lucknowi work. In this type of work, stitches are used in a variety of ways to form different patterns. The work is done on the backside of the cloth so that the stitches are formed at the front.

Chickankari work

Cut Work - It is a technique of needle work in which portions of a fabric are cut away and the resulting hole is outlined and filled with embroidery.

Cut Work