Gone are the days when Indian traditional garments were paired only with plaited hair styles. With every new ethnic outfit, we spend eons to decide on the perfect accessories from bangles, earrings to footwear. We also take special care to oil, condition, clean and do what not to our hair, but never really focus on are our hairstyles.

Whatever the occasion or whatever the dress, it is time to give your hairstyle some thought and try out new styles to complete your overall look. Here are 7 most popular trendy hairstyles to try out with your Indian traditional wears this season.

  • Stunning Side Swept Curls

    stunning side swept surls

    Love curled hair? Then leave it loose on one side with side partition. Spray on some styling serum for that extra smooth look and accessorise with big jhumkis. The style is in vogue these days and gives you a casual look.

  • Beautiful Beehive

    beautiful beehive

    How about building beehives on top of your head? This contemporary hairstyle is a rage among all age groups and looks really stunning. This truly trending hairstyle is sure to grab you a second look.

  • Stylish Side Braid

    stylish side braid

    Side braid is a timeless hairstyle with Indian wear that will never go out of fashion. Especially with long hair side braid is a hairstyle that you can experiment with, instead of opting for an ordinary plait. Just brush your hair to a side and braid it in your favourite style!

  • Simple Half Up Half Down

    simple half up half down

    This is among the most effortless and prettiest hairstyle with Indian wear that's making its round in town. Simply pin up half of your hair, while leaving the other half down free. It can be your ideal answer for any fancy occasion or everyday hairdo making it a trend to try.

  • Graceful Updo

    graceful updo

    Complement you princess-like look with graceful updo. It promises you a rich and elegant appearance for any wedding or special occasion. Puff up your hair a little and hold it in place using clips to create this hairdo. Make sure to brush your hair well in advance to give it a very neat look.

  • Classic puff and bun

    classic puff and bun

    The classic puff and bun hairstyle is one of the most popular and suited hairstyle for sarees, perfect for any traditional occasions. It gets your hair neatly done in a bun behind, decorated with beautiful flowers to look stunning. In front, the puff gives your hair volume and makes you face look longer. This is one of the easiest hairstyle to look elegant and beautiful.

  • Trendy Messy bun

    trendy messy bun

    If neat buns are not exactly what you prefer to carry with your ethnic attire, just give the top of your neat bun a few curls for a wavy and messy appearance. Also, let a few strands fall on the either sides. This can give your desi look a twist.

Inspired? These are our 7 favourite trendy hairstyles of the season. Do try out these hairstyles with Deepkala Silk Heritage's fantastic collection of Indian ethnic wear and share them on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. We will come back with more fashion hacks. So, stay connected.