We know how stressed all you lovely ladies could be right now... Navratri IS HERE, your invites & eVites for your favourite Garba & Dandiya Raas venues are FLOWING IN, and you STILL HAVEN'T FOUND THE PERFECT OUTFIT!!!Read More
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Today we have chosen to look around the room and reflect on & recall the Deepkala Family... From our founding partners, to those members whose lives drew them far, far away from us.Read More
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Did you know that the Saree has been mentioned in the Vedas, composed by ancient Aryans in Vedic Sanskrit, the ancient sacred literature constitutes the oldest Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism and many people believe that sarees may have been worn even earlier.Read More
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'Summer' - the word itself brings an image of the scorching sun in your mind. Now if we say 'a summer wedding' - well, we will not elaborate on the terrifying images that can flash over in your mind wanting you to avoid the wedding altogether!Read More
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"Summer"- a word synonymous to the sun, heat, sweating and low energy all combined together. It’s the time of the year when the heat creeps into the brain making it dazed and cranky. In such situations, looking presentable and glamorous feels like a far-fetched idea. Well, it’s not that difficult as it seems. We'll show you the "Cotton Way" to being ever-stylish and trendy this season!Read More
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The stunning summer collection by deepkalasilk.com has already found a place in the wardrobe of fashionistas all across the globe. You can check out their Summer Collection 2017 Online on deepkalasilk.com and pick your style of Ethnic Summer Wear. The collection is reasonably priced (check out the Online Summer Collection with price here) and is offered with good loyalty program deals. So get going and pamper your inner diva!Read More
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Summer vibes everywhere! With the temperature soaring high, your wardrobe shouts for new trendy summer wear. From flared tunics to funky jumpsuits, this summer is all about a colourful palette and quirky prints. So before the temperature soar higher bringing down your zing, make sure you stock your wardrobe with best of the Summer Collection 2017 offered by different brands!Read More
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In present time, women’s day calls for a shopping spree for most women. The independent ladies of this era celebrate this day by adding new elements to their wardrobe. Given the onset of summer, trendy summer wear is one of the best options to look for.Read More
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All year round, the market is flooded with lehenga choli designs for engagement. These sets are available in a wide price range depending on the quality and brand. The variety that is available can drastically add to the bride’s confusion for selecting her lehenga for engagement.Read More
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Hello beauties! 2017 has just begun and the wedding season is already in full bloom! From clothes to matching jewellery, footwear and clutches, brides everywhere seem to be in a frenzy to get the best for their wedding day!

With changing times, the bridal wardrobe has seen a lot of adaptations in colour, styles and drapes. However, the basic garment has always been the same - saree or lehenga set. The Indian bridal saree has been a wardrobe staple for almost every bride in India. Indian bridal saree collection in India is the most varied of all.

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